I am a wife and momma, photographer, artist, expert dress bustler and bride calmer downer.  I'm also great with kids.  I promise. 

I live with my husband, Scott, and our daughter in the North Shore mountains of Vancouver, BC.  All 3 of us were born here and none of us can live without being near the ocean.  Even though it's a cliche, being a momma really really, truly truly is the best job I've ever had.  My husband is tall, dark and handsome and not to mention hilarious, smart and caring.  I can't imagine life without him.  We get to be creative and work towards building a life we dream of.  

I believe in following joy and spending as much time as possible with the people who light up your heart.  I believe in listening to your intuition and telling silly worry monsters to "stuff it".  I believe in caring and nurturing as much for yourself as for your loved ones.  I believe our loved ones, creativity and the ocean are keys to happiness.  



It's my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE place on earth and truly is my PARADISE.


I love parties and look for any excuse to throw one

I love HORSES.  

They're in my blood.  I come from an Irish Horse Family.

Fresh Flowers are a must in the house. 

Love them all but ORCHIDS are my favourite.

I don't like coffee.  

I wish I did! 

I love earl grey tea and LONDON FOGS.

MODERN DECOR and furniture Shopping are heaven to me.

I seem to have a thing for pretty PINEAPPLE decor (um, helloooo, HAWAII!!!!).

Wine. Champagne.

Champagne. Wine.

Tough choice.

Let's do BOTH.

I love to READ.  I'm addicted to books.

And I have to  arrange them by COLOUR.

I'm more salt tooth than sweet tooth.  Meaning I never say no to chips and french fries.

 But I also never say no to MACARONS.


Lets be honest shall we.  The real boss of JENN BEST PHOTOGRAPHY is our one year old daughter.  And she's awesome at it.  Definately perfecting those CEO skills over here.  She's also really talented at determining our work schedules too. 

When you work with me, you're also working with my husband Scott.  We're a husband and wife team both in life and work (which means we spend a loooooooot of time together).  Scott assists me for most weddings and provides lots of comic relief and laughs during photo time.  He's also great for helping get your wedding dress into the perfect spot for photos (it's great that he's 6ft tall).  And he's even been known to grab the groom a beer when he sees it getting low. He's an integral part of bringing your images to life as he's the main photo editor.  Scott also has a big role in the business and so you can also expect to get a few emails from him if he's managing payments and other business stuff.  

You can bet that our little daughter will be adoring your images behind the scenes, unpacking your products when they arrive and also probably putting stickers on your packaging.  She's also undergoing photo assistant training.  And she's obsessive about looking at pictures (just like her momma).