Even after 13 years of being a photographer, It's hard to put into words my philosophy and the way I feel about taking pictures for people.  That's why I take pictures.  First, I wholeheartedly believe that my biggest job is to get to know you and make sure you feel comfortable.  Because the more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable you'll look.  The more beautiful you feel, the more beautiful you'll look.  The more fun you have, the more joy I'll see.  I want to photograph the real you and not the "oh, my goodness, there's a camera in my face" you.  There is no judgement, no pressure, no expectations.  It will feel more like we're hanging out then doing a photoshoot.  I just want to know who you love, what brings you joy, what makes you you.  Pretty pictures are a guarantee.

Once you're comfortable and having fun I look for the joyful moments, the love filled moments, the beautiful moments.  The real life moments.  That's what I'm drawn to.  Your smile.  Your laughter.  The light that's in you.  The moments that capture how you feel.   How your heart feels.  So that you can feel all the feels instantly when you look back at your images now or 30 years from now.

I BELIEVE THE MAGIC IN WHAT I DO COMES FROM MY HEART.  I get attached to people.  I feel your emotions as I watch you.  And as I get to know you, I feel like we're friends and pretty quickly want to give out hugs.  So really, I can't wait to meet you and capture your memories.


I love weddings.  I love all the pretty details.  The flowers.  The decor.  The food.  The wine.  The dress.  The shoes.  The jewellery.  The venue... 

But mostly, I love the people.  I love all the emotions and celebration.  The anticipation as you get ready.  Locking eyes with your groom when you walk down the aisle.  Your first kiss.  Your speeches.    I laugh so hard at speeches I have to stop listening or else my eyes water and I can't see.   My job is to ensure you remember all the joy, all the love, all the beauty.  All the moments that matter most.  

When I create your images I try to bring a balance of editorial style and genuine moments while filling every shot to the brim with love.  

All weddings are photographed by husband and wife team Jenn and Scott Best.  Wedding Day Coverage starts at $5000.  Please contact us for more detailed pricing about what's included or what we can create for you.


Having my own daughter completely changed the way I look at photographing babies and families.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMORIES AND CAPTURING THE LITTLE MOMENTS NOW.  It's not about perfect family portraits or getting everyone to smile at the camera.  NOPE!!! It's about the amazing baby growing in your beautiful body.  SAY WHATTTTT!!!! It's about the miracle of this amazing precious bundle that is yours to stare at for hours.  It's about tiny toes, tree frog hugs and how do they even make diapers that small. They will never again be this tiny.  I want to come and play with your big kids.  I want to capture what lights up their soul.  I want to draw out that real smile.  The one that melts your heart.  I want to make silly faces and play games.  I want to show you all the joy and love that lives in your family.  Because I believe that's what matters most in life!

I offer a variety of sessions for your maternity, newborn and family photography needs.  Sessions starts at $500.  Please contact me for more detailed pricing. 


Lets create some gorgeousness together shall we?!?!  The kind that shows people how much you love your creative business and shows off all your brilliance.  Let's be honest, it can be tough communicating what we do, why we do it and why people should hire us.  But an image that shows them is priceless.  Do you love an amazing business whose image contect makes you swoon?  Let's make your own version.  Whether you need happy shots of you, branding images for your website, blog, social media content or all of the above, let's make images that make people fall in love and trust you immediately.  

We can talk about your brand, the feeling you want to convey to your ideal customer, and styling elements for the shoot.  And we'll probably chat about all things business and social media.  I can't wait to cheer you on!

Lifestyle sessions start at $500.

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